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Oil and Gas Land Index Report

  • Researching Mineral Rights Ownership in Colorado?
  • Researching Land and Surface Ownership in Colorado?
  • Researching Oil and Gas Leasing Activity in Colorado?

SKLD can slash research time, travel, costs and frustration with this report!

Discover the easier and less expensive way to access the information necessary to research the ownership of oil and gas interests in the Colorado Front Range.

Simply give us your search parameters.  We’ll search our extensive database, in most counties going back to the early 1970s and produce a custom report showing deeds, oil and gas leases, assignments, contracts, royalties and pooling agreements.  Images of the original documents can be provided with the report.

  • We’ll get it to you fast!
  • You’ll have the information you need without standing in line at county courthouses or photocopying dozens of document pages.
  • Resulting in a research and leasing process that’s easier, faster and less costly!

Oil and Gas Land Index Reports

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Format: PDF, Excel Lists
Frequency: Upon Request
Method of Payment: We accept online payments, credit cards and checks.  Payment is required in advance for new customers

To order or for more information
Call:   303-695-3850
For Patent to Present Retrieval of Document Images – Use SKLDoc .com SKLDoc
  • Instant Online Access to Images for 15 Colorado Counties
  • Easy to use
  • Available online 24/7
  • Patent to Present images
SKLD, Colorado’s premier real property information source.

Founded in 1961, SKLD is Colorado’s premier title plant. With the state’s largest and most extensive database and document file of real estate information, we’re known in the title and banking industries for the accuracy and completeness of our data.

Now, we’ve simplified researching oil and gas interests. The result: better information, easier searches and faster leasing in a cost effective manner. After being released by the county clerks the information is usually available in our database within a few business days.

Types of Reports Available
  • Full Posting Report: Includes Property Deeds, Oil & Gas Leases, Agreements and Contracts, Pooling and Royalty Agreements
  • Surface and Lease Report: (Excludes Property Deeds) Includes Oil & Gas Leases, Agreements and Contracts, Pooling and Royalty Agreements
  • Lease Reports: Includes Oil and Gas Leases, Modifications, Releases, Amendments, and others
Who has found these reports extremely useful?
  • Landmen
  • Oil & Gas Companies and Attorneys
  • Right of Way Agents and Developers
Data included in oil & gas reports
  • A list of identified documents within a section or quarter section
  • Document list sorted by SKLD’s arb number (our parcel number) in available counties
  • A Section Map of the ARB (parcels) requested
  • Copies of available images associated with the reports can also be provided upon request
  • Reports list individual Document Types, Date Recorded, Document instrument number, Book and Page (when available), Dollar Amount (when available) and Parties associated to document (grantor/grantee or assignor/assignee)
Current counties available for Oil and Gas Reports and, SKLD’s Document Retrieval Website
  • Adams County (3/1974 to Present)
  • Arapahoe County (8/1971 to Present)
  • Boulder County (11/1971 to Present)
  • Broomfield County (11/2001 to Present)
  • Denver County (8/1971 to Present)
  • Douglas County (7/1975 to Present)
  • El Paso County (9/1972 to Present)
  • Elbert County (1/1986 to Present)
  • Jefferson County (12/1971 to Present)
  • Larimer County (11/1977 to Present)
  • Pueblo County (12/1981 to Present)
Additional Counties available for, SKLD’s system for document retrieval only
  • Clear Creek County
  • Eagle County
  • Teller County
  • Weld County

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