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Who is SKLD?

SKLD is Colorado's premier title plant and real estate and mortgage information provider.  The company maintains geographically indexed databases covering fifteen Colorado counties, or almost 85% of the state's population.  The database is the most comprehensive and accurate in the state.

SKLD was originally formed in 1961 by four title insurance companies: Security Title Guaranty Company, Kansas City Title Insurance Company, Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, and The Denver Abstract Company to maintain metro-Denver property records in a joint title plant.   (The name SKLD came from the first letters of the company names.)  Because of the exacting needs of the title insurance industry, SKLD developed extensive internal data capture and validation processes to insure depth, accuracy and integrity unavailable anywhere else.

In the early 1990s, SKLD made their timely, high quality data available to companies outside the title insurance industry in the form of mailing lists, transaction reports, and document images.

In the early 2000’s, SKLD modernized our document retrieval website and introduced SKLDoc SKLDoc .  We expanded the years of images available, provided a faster, more efficient method to pull plat map images, and enhanced additional support services.

In 2010, SKLD created the Oil and Gas Report.  These custom reports provide Landmen, O&G Companies, Attorneys, and other clients with an easier and more cost-effective way to research the ownership of Oil & Gas interests.

SKLD's information is obtained from public records maintained by county Clerks and Recorders.  Today, SKLD houses over 50 million records and over 60 million document images in Colorado's most comprehensive property records database.  Thousands of new records are added daily to the SKLD system.

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